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Building luxury from the ground up demands a willingness to do things differently.  While some restoration projects are more cookie-cutter in nature, our approach involves blending uncompromising luxury with sensitive, sustainable, and scientific techniques – traditional and cutting-edge.

Our way of working is not the easiest, but we believe (and awards bodies agree) that the results are worth it.  We create residences that simply could not exist anywhere else, fusing rough Cheshire brick and rural charm with the highest standards of fit and finish.

Luckily, we have been able to build a dedicated band of local partners and construction professionals who share our values, and who have made realising that vision possible.  And in return for demanding the best, we offer unparalleled avenues for development to tradespeople and craftspeople who embrace the idea of doing something completely unique.

Nevertheless, with several active, simultaneous developments, we are currently looking for creative, passionate, and skilled people across the entire construction process.  From groundwork to joinery; from making the most of eclectic original features, to conducting full electrical fit-outs.

We are also keen to grow expertise in our local community, and to give back to our county.  We are confident that we can find a place for any Cheshire-based construction professional or the right character and calibre.

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