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Knutsford is designated as a historic town for good reason. Mentioned in written records as early as 1086, the town’s cobbled thoroughfare is still lined by timber-clad buildings and one-off architectural curiosities.

Listed buildings by Richard Harding Watt jostle for position with modern boutiques; novelists and notorious highwaymen are memorialised on Gaskell Avenue.

The area is replete, too, with the histories of families who came here and stayed. And even today, in a more transient age, the people who grow up remain loyal, making Knutsford not just the most sought-after, but also the most storied town on the Cheshire plain.


Named in the “Top 50 Best Towns and Suburbs” by the Sunday Times – one of only three places meriting that designation in the North West – Knutsford offers rural charm with a urbane slant.

Its fascinating structural and cultural legacies are complemented by unmatched shopping, dining and nightlife experiences. Fashion boutiques, day spas, a bustling monthly artisan market, and a Curzon Cinema share the high street with institutions like Belle Epoque (an Art Nouveau culinary highlight, with haute cuisine takes on locally sourced food).

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Once known as the capital of Mid-Cheshire, Knutsford remains at the heart of the county, offering easy access to cities, rural estates, the motorway network, and some of the finest educational establishments in the country.

The 2,000 acre deer park and manor house of Tatton Park (site of the RHS Flower Show) begin where King Street ends, putting traditional country living alongside the last word in modern convenience.

The M6 bridges Knutsford and the rest of the country, and Manchester Airport – fifteen minutes’ by taxi – connects it to the world.


But despite that ease of access to transport and city hubs, Knutsford residents don’t seem to travel that often – us included. Because, with its unique mix of charm and culture, our hometown is as much of a destination for local and overseas visitors as anywhere else in the county.

We love Knutsford. We are proud to have raised families here, and to have the chance to strengthen the community by working with local businesses and creating the world class properties the town deserves.

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