New heights – our latest development in High Legh

With multiple projects already underway, 2017 will be unquestionably our best and busiest year to date.

Construction is happening in earnest at Sudlow Fruit Farm, where all but two units have been sold almost a full year before expected completion.  Every home in the sensitively-restored barns at The Old Dairy is now occupied, and we are reaching the final stages of bringing the stately Farmhouse on the same site back to its former glory.

And at the same time, we and our partners are finalising designs and specifications for the entirely unique Cowshed – a work of art in structural glass, a pioneering change-of-use agricultural building, and the last word in sustainable luxury living.

As evidenced by how quickly we sold units at The Old Dairy and Sudlow Fruit Farm, though, high-quality homes in the chic Cheshire countryside are in higher demand than ever.  So in summer 2016, with most Crown Estate land around Knutsford now in the hands of private enterprises, we started looking for right location for the next Modern Unique Development.

Towards the end of the year, our hunt led us to High Legh.  Nestled in the dramatic Cheshire countryside, High Legh is fast becoming one of the county’s most desirable destinations.  Although the village is best known for its Garden Centre, it sits just ten minutes’ drive from our hometown, putting residents in easy reach of Knutsford’s unique mix of heritage and haute cuisine.

Once the seat of the landed gentry, High Legh is now home to some of the Northwest’s most noteworthy families, and land is highly sought-after.  So we are ecstatic to have been able to secure a large plot, in easy reach of national transport links, that allows each of our proposed three homes to be packaged with generous gardens and additional space.

With the planning process already underway, our architects have designed the following:

  • A large, detached, four-bedroom home – around 2,200 square feet, plus 4 acres of land
  • Two large, semi-detached, four-bedroom homes of around 2,600 square feet, each with 2 acres of land

All will be finished to the same standard as The Old Dairy and Sudlow Fruit Farm, with our uncompromising eye for detail, environmentally-sound heating and lighting, and the finest interiors our local and international partners have to offer.

To secure that standard across all of our development, we are also expanding our workforce. High-calibre craftspeople, and experts in construction and restoration are invited to visit our new careers section, or to contact us directly.

Expect more details regarding High Legh and all our ongoing developments over the course of 2017. To be kept up to date when our High Legh homes are ready for release to the market, please visit our High Legh project page and complete the contact form.