Modern Unique Developments testimonial Blackhill Farm, exterior shot, buy property Cheshire


John and his wife live at Blackhill Farm:

“We’ve lived in Cheshire for many years, and have always enjoyed the mix of rural charm and urban culture that’s exemplified in towns like Knutsford.

As soon as we learned that Modern Unique Developments were working on the old Blackhill Farm site, we were fascinated to see the results.  Blackhill and other working farms like it in the Knutsford area showcase some the finest rural architecture and rolling countryside in Cheshire, and when we spoke to MUD we could tell that they recognised the history of these buildings as well as their potential.

Matt and Tim made the process of picking a plot at Blackhill incredibly simple, and we were constantly updated on everything from the sustainable materials they were using to the partners they chose to work with right here in Knutsford.  We had the unique opportunity to create a home that felt simultaneously like it was made for us, but also made to enhance the scenic and social history of the town we love.

Today, we can open our doors to some of the finest views in Cheshire – not to mention its amazing golf courses!  Knutsford itself is only a short distance away, so we can easily enjoy dinner at a world-class restaurant before coming home and enjoying the tranquility of country life.

We can’t imagine living anywhere else.”