At one with the elements


For as long as people have built homes, the best materials have come from the ground on which they stand.  We believe in continuing that tradition, and every Modern Unique Development draws from its surroundings.  Our construction professionals carefully employ reclaimed brick, wood and slate to achieve an architectural and aesthetic balance with the local landscape.

But our latest developments also pull more literally from the elements, using industry-leading technologies to transform the outside air into efficient, renewable environmental control, whatever the weather.  The IVT AirX – which heats every home at The Old Dairy and Sudlow Fruit Farm – is rated as one of the most sustainable heat pumps in the world, achieving 400% efficiency and creating consistent, cosy internal temperatures with absolutely no fossil fuel.

Sourcing new fixtures, fittings and finishes from a curated list of local partners also reduces our developments’ impact on the environment while the hoardings are still up.  Minimal emissions from logistics and considerate methods of craftsmanship combine to create luxury at little to no cost to the climate.

And for the last word in sustainable building, discover The Cowshed at The Old Dairy, a truly unique, contemporary family home that redefines luxury at no cost to the environment.