The Old Dairy – now sold out

Following our launch event, the final remaining units at The Old Dairy, in Knutsford, Cheshire, were sold in September.  With all construction, landscaping, and fitting work now completed, we are delighted to see a new generation of families making their homes on such a historical site.

Although construction is already well underway on our next developments, we took a moment to reflect (and to take in some late summer sun) when the final set of keys were handed over, and we could not be more proud of the level of fit, finish, and luxury we were able to achieve at such a minimal cost to the environment.

We had the privilege of working with some wonderful local partners and craftspeople during this project, and that experience was the driving force behind our new careers page – designed to create a community of Cheshire builders and artisans who can support our vision for materials and methods that are as sustainable as the technologies we put into our properties.

We will soon add testimonials from Old Dairy residents, but for now our attentions turn to new projects:

  • Sudlow Fruit Farm: a sister site to The Old Dairy, located just as close to historic Knutsford, and designed to employ the same principles and standards as the homes we have just completed.  We will soon begin taking reservations at Sudlow, so please head over to the project page to register your interest.
  • The Cowshed: a completely different prospect, and a completely unique statement in architectural glass and modern, sustainable practices.  As one of the first change of use projects approved in the Knutsford area, The Cowshed promises to become both a luxurious, modern, 5,000 square foot family home, and a testament to integrating the cutting-edge in construction techniques with the Cheshire countryside.

Look for regular updates on both projects throughout 2017.