It makes for a convenient middle letter in our acronym, but creating something unique really is the centre of what we do.  With each new development, our goal is to blend contemporary luxury with timeless craftsmanship, and the end result is different every time – even if our standards never change.

We begin by identifying the perfect site: in easy reach of the high-end lifestyle at Cheshire’s hippest, most historic villages, but surrounded by countryside charm.

For a restoration project or change of use, we work with local architects to take a sensitive, scientific approach to preserving the site’s original character.  After we have safeguarded standout features, we use traditional techniques and modern construction methods to make the most of the space available – giving every home countryside views, without crowding.  Our mantra for restorations is to bring beautiful agricultural buildings up to our uncompromising standards of luxury, and to restore them to their rightful place at the heart of the Cheshire community.

We apply the same principles to new construction: from timeless timber frames to Cheshire brick, we use materials that match their surroundings, and construction techniques and technologies that minimise the cost to the environment.

And whether it’s a new build or a new lease of life for an old L-shaped barn, our standard of luxury never wavers.  French limestone floors; beautiful bespoke kitchens; and the best in interior fit and finish throughout.

Blackhill Farm Pathway, Knutsford


Because demand for high-end homes in our area is so high, we sell most of our units off-plan.  And we welcome this opportunity to work with buyers, blending our expertise with their unique tastes.  When homeowners come on board at the earliest stage, they have the opportunity to influence almost every aspect of construction, from choosing kitchens to customising internal layouts to create the perfect family home.

Whether you’re interested in a brand-new home, or looking for the character of a former working farm, we are always actively seeking to work with buyers who want to put their own stamp on our already-unique buildings.

Visit our Projects page to discover the progress of each of our developments, or get in touch using the button below to discuss your vision of luxury.

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